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Your ThetaHealing® Session

Take the first step towards a new life with your first ThetaHealing® session!

Identify and transform the subconscious programs that are preventing you from living the life of your dreams. At Riko’s Harmony Room on the Gold Coast, we take the time and patience to make your first session comfortable, productive and enlightening.

Your First ThetaHealing® session

Riko will first begin by explaining what ThetaHealing® is and answering any questions you have about ThetaHealing®. She will then discuss with you any issues or ailments you may be feeling. After this, Riko will perform muscle testing to identify the beliefs or programs which may be blocking you from living the life you seek. This process may be hindered if you are dehydrated or demineralized

After muscle testing Riko will perform intuitive Readings and Diggings to discover the underlying beliefs in your subconscious. Riko will then use the ThetaHealing® technique to shift these beliefs and install/download positive beliefs that can help your life flow in a harmonious way. Muscle Testing will then be used by Riko to check that the beliefs have indeed been changed.

The great thing about ThetaHealing® at Riko’s Harmony Room is that your treatment can be conducted in person, over the phone or on Skype!