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Brain Waves

Why are brainwaves important to healing?

Recent scientific discoveries have found that the emotions for peacefulness and internal bliss are only experienced when theta brain waves are primarily activated within the brain. This theta brain wave allows individuals to experience their strongest spiritual and healing connection.

There are five major frequencies of brain waves

Whilst the brain uses all of these waves at any one time, usually only one frequency is dominant in any situation. The five brain waves include:


The Gamma state of mind is the state we are in when we are involved in complex learning and process information. This results in higher mental activity including your perception and consciousness within the world. Your brain waves cycle between 28- 100 cycles a second.


The Beta frequency is the cycle is primarily dominant during normal times, and you are most likely experiencing Beta brain waves at this very moment. Your brain is cycling between 14-28 cycles per second.


The Alpha frequency is one you use the most when in a relaxed, comfortable frame of mind. Your brain waves cycle between 7-14 cycles per second.


A Theta state is a very deep relaxed state of mind. A Theta state is most often reached during a deep state of meditation. It is also a sleep state and can be achieved as well through hypnosis. Theta brain wave allows your conscious mind to connect to your subconscious mind where your experiences, long term memories, creativity, emotions, spiritual connection and inspiration are stored. Your brainwaves cycle between 4-7 cycles per second while in Theta.


A Delta state of mind is found whilst you experiencing deep sleep. The Delta state of mind is a cycle of 0-4 cycles per second.