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At Riko’s Harmony Room, we love hearing about the success our patients have received with our treatments

Explore the stellar reviews our past patients have achieved by reading the heart-warming testimonials below:

I found Riko to be a gentle, compassionate and sincere theacher and healer who explained everthing so I could understand completely.

Her patience and support encouraged me to look at possibilities within myself that I has previously not acknowledged.

I would definitely recommended Riko to anyone wishing to undertake Theta Healing work for themselves or to help others.

Loved it ❤

Christine Goodwin

Very impressed by Riko’s ability as a Theta Healer. She is an excellent teacher and host. Worm and friendly heart. Just the type of person I needed to feel comfortable opening up my most tightly held truths.

David Vun

After doing the Basic & Advanced course with Riko, my trust in the Creator has put myself on an amazing journey of self discovery. Theta Healing is an amazing tool that’s life changing, I would not have been able to start my journey to healing myself without first meeting my special guide, Riko. Her kindness and understanding has helped me in so much ways. I truly am blessed to have Riko in my life.

Sima Antunovic

Riko was recommended to me by my business partner. The Universe was looking after me!

For nearly a year I had calcification in my left shoulder and considerable pain. I struggled to even put my bra on! I constantly “held” my arm in position. Sitting was painful to the point of numbness in my arm travelling down to my hands and fingers. I was not able to do any gym exercise or swim, both of which I love.

After only one session, which included remedial massage with Theta healing, I noticed a considerable improvement within a few days. By the third session I was back at the gym, by the fourth, I was back swimming. I have next to no pain and complete movement in my arm.

Riko is so beautiful, so caring and extremely concerned about your WHOLE wellbeing. I highly recommend Riko for a wealth of health issues including issues of the mind. Theta healing is amazing. We all need to clear our minds of unwanted “habitual thoughts” and retrain ourselves with love and open mindedness. Life is too short for a “cluttered mind”.

I continue to visit Riko for ongoing relaxation massage and Theta healing simply because I trust her and am enjoying broadening my mind with Theta Healing teachings. She always pays special attention to my shoulder to make sure it is still completely pain free.

Kindest regardsLorraine Walton-Markham

Riko has been treating a prevailing neck and shoulder condition of mine with her unique style of massage. Her methods are treating areas of muscular tension that other practitioners have overlooked, with very good results. Riko’s massage helps keep my shoulders and neck relaxed and free from tension. I can happily recommend her to anyone having problems with muscular tension.

Thank you Riko

SincerelyNoel Henley

I have been suffering from chronic back and neck pain for years. Riko pointed out my problems straight away while the chiropractor I had seen for the last ten years could not fix the problems. After the treatments from Riko, my back and neck are so much better and lighter.

Her massage is not just a relaxing massage but it cures the problems.

SincerelyY. Dunne

For eight months I have had severe pain in my right arm. Such was the pain I was not able to sleep well.

Being a hairdresser I had to deal with a wide range of restrictions of movement including lifting the arm more than ninety degrees.

When Riko came to Japan I had a series of seven short treatments of Remedial Massage over a period of three weeks.

Never having had Remedial Massage before it was all new to me. Riko worked on some muscles that I had never had massaged before using various techniques which were all new to me.

I wasn’t sure all this would really work for my arm so I asked.

Riko answered “ If you had a normal massage you would probably feel nice for a while but it would not reduce the pain long term”

By the fourth session I was ready to give up and accept I would be in pain for the rest of my life.

Riko spoke to me of having an hour session. To make the time other than the short sessions when I could fit them in. A week later I began to feel much lighter around the neck area and began sleeping through the night so I agreed to the fifth session.

Following the fifth session the pain was different. After the sixth session I was able to rotate my right arm as much as my left and without any pain.

Since Riko left Japan I have little pain in my arm when I rotate it but I do the exercises Riko told me to do and the arm is getting better each day.

Two weeks later the arm is much improved thanks to Riko.

SincerelyToshie Haramiishi

I had been suffering with severe shoulder pain for about 2 months. I had seen a doctor and he suggested a cortisone injection which I wasn’t keen on so I saw Riko.

The first time I had a massage which helped a lot but then second time I had a healing and massage and I couldn’t believe it but 2 days after the healing I had no pain and months later I still have no pain.

I am so thrilled with the result and to be pain free. It’s just wonderful!

Sharyn McGregor - Lowndes

Having known Riko for a long period of time I went to see her for a healing on my eye which I was having problem with infection and pain. Within a very short period of time a matter of minutes the pain had decreased, my vision became clear once again and over the next hour or two the pain went away completely.

I would recommend this highly skilled and sensitive healer to anyone who is looking for a total Mind, Body and Soul healing.

Kym Atkinson - Colon Hydorotherapy

I had my first session of Thetahealing in May 2010.

I didn’t have enough confidence to take an examination for my Diving Instructors course. Because I was bullied when I was younger talking in front of people was difficult for me. After having a session of healing to eliminate the negative part of me I passed the exam and I had no fear or doubt to become a diving instructor. Before taking the healing I had a fear of public speaking so I made myself think which words to use or not as if cloud in my head, I hardly expressed anything what I wanted to say. I definitely feel that the tension on the throat muscle has released. After healing my head has been clear so I can easily speak without restriction. Day by day I felt different. I have I have more confidence about myself and I started smile more.

Nami Ito - Chiropractor

Healing for me has realize how our mind hold onto many things, for years I have been suffering many aches and pains resorting to various pain relief options, Riko suggested healing to me and my first thought was will it work??

I have since been amazed at how effective it has been. I very rarely ache much anymore and I feel more free from my worries and stresses. I’m more aware of how to let go and heal myself!

I would recommend healing to anyone it’s such a positive effect on my life.

Paige Badenoch - Hair & Makeup Artist

What is healing?

I’ve heard about it but I have never had it and I didn’t know what it does. Four months ago I lost my consciousness and collapsed on the floor. I was taken to a hospital and examined for three days to find what was wrong. They found;

  1. Old mark of bleeding on the brain
  2. Hyperthyroidism
  3. Tennis elbow

I heard Riko started to do healing so I took the session out of curiosity. This time I had it for hyperthyroidism and tennis elbow. I was taking some medicine for hyperthyroidism. Some people have to take them for six month to one year. About tennis elbow, I had a sharp pain when I do a certain movement. The doctor prescribed an ointment for muscular pain. The pain in my elbow had changed the next day after the healing. There was no pain by doing the same movement as before however I had a little pain which didn’t weigh on my mind. The thyroid hormone level dropped to normal after the healing session. According to this result, the amount of medicine I was taking reduced to half and I have another examine in next month. I was surprised when I had this result. Because this is not medical treatment I was doubtful about healing. I was wondering whether it might be time that healing tennis elbow or the medicine is just well working for the thyroid. When I was at the gym the pain in my elbow had started again. So I had a healing the next day from Riko and the pain had gone. It wasn’t an ointment to remove the pain, it was the healing that made the pain disappear.

‘When you have worries it may come out in your body.’ said Riko. I thought I wasn’t weak but living in Australia I have worries about my health and changing my lifestyle might make my mind and body weak.

I had a better opinion of this healing which counselling and finding the weakness and being able to change it to something positive.

I recommend Theta healing and Riko, you might find it work for you also.

Rinka Yasue - Remedial Massage Therapist

I was introduced to Theta Healing many years ago and understood it to be a powerful healing modality. I was fortunate to come across Riko some months ago, and recently was involved in an accident at work, where a rapidly, rotating handle from a winch struck me on the wrist.

I felt myself go immediately into shock, as I felt it was broken. My first instinct was to get to a hospital, but decided to call Riko explaining my accident. Luckily she picked up the phone, and upon explaining through intense pain, she asked would i like a healing on the phone. I replied “yes” and she took me through a series of steps and the healing was complete.

That night I was able to participate in competative sport as my wrist showed no signs of the accident. I have experienced the magic of Theta healing on emotional issues and illnesses in my time, but never on the mending of bones, instantly.

Peter Eustace

I was always keen to take Intuitive Anatomy course, but it was hard to make a decision to dedicated myself for 3 weeks with kids. However after participation in Intuitive Anatomy induction day, my mind was changed, I wanted to take this course! Then my journey started even before Intuitive Anatomy started.

The Intuitive Anatomy course was amazing, each day was so different and intense. I thought I was prepared for how Intuitive Anatomy course would be but it was emotionally much harder beyond then I imagined. Now that I have finished the course I’m so happy and confident myself to go through 15 days. Lots of digging, learning, crying, laughing and supporting made myself so grown.

Thank you so much to Riko san she is the best instructor for me of all.

Yuko Barlow

From the very first time that I met Riko I was recovering from a serious illness and I was still physically weak and very tired, I was worn out by many of life’s issues and suffering from severe depression that I lived with all my life. I also lived very reclusive and hardly ever left my home, I could not cope with grocery shopping. I also had not had a full nights sleep
in many years.
I knew that I could trust her, she treated me with compassion and respect. She listened to me with warmth and understanding, All my life I have had extreme trust issues. During this one particular session with Riko a very deep rooted issue came up and she healed it
instantly. It’s now been 3 weeks since that issue has been healed, my life feels so much better, the depression that haunted me all my life has totally gone, my daughter keeps commenting on how much younger I looked, I have a new lease of life, I feel free, my body
feels better, and now I am happy to leave my house, go shopping, I am also starting to go out a lot more and feel a lot more confident when talking with other people.
I also now sleep at night. I have been so surprised at how deep and how much this particular healing has improved my life. I want to thank you Riko for such amazing and miraculous healing you did on me.

Holly Gould

Testimonial for Intuitive Anatomy and Theta Healing Classes
I attended Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy December 2016 through till January 2017.
I moved interstate to do this course with Ruriko, and creator made this one of the easiest
moves I have ever done in my life, I am in my mid-fifties as I write this testimonial.
During this course, I learned so much and was astounded as how miraculous our human
body is. Ruriko Taylor was my teacher and mentor, She did an amazing job teaching me and
my fellow students, which I am still friends with. The course was well structured and true
value for money. When I first started this course I thought it was a lot of money but after
the course the value was worth a hundred times more to me.
I had so many healings during this course that I have lost count. Some of the issues that
were healed were and have been absolutely life changing. In Actual fact this whole course is
life changing. I also did so many healings that my confidence improved by 100%.
Within the first 2 days my spine straightened, and my posture totally changed, my height
increased by over an Inch, I was no longer hunched over. By the end of this course, I had lost
10 to 15 years off my appearance and my skin became very clear and healthy looking, my
daughter has commented on how much younger I look and how much physical energy I now
The deep depression that had plagued my life as well, as the anxiety/panic attacks I was
having have totally stopped. When I first started the course I was very withdrawn and quiet,
and I am laughing as I write this because when I finished this course I had become very
talkative (hahahaha).
During the second week, I was healed of an issue that had haunted me my whole life, this
particular issue was from a past life, and once this issue was healed I knew my whole life
was about to change for the better. That’s when I noticed that my appearance change, also
some excess weight that I was carrying just disappeared overnight, and my actual physical
shape has changed for the better.
I loved learning about all the parts of the body and seeing how they worked and how
illnesses and emotions can be healed by the Creator of all that it. My connection to the
creator became clearer, my scanning improved a lot. Trusting my intuition and trusting what
I was seeing and learning started to become my second nature. Before I started the course I
had a problem of not being able to hear properly, My hearing is improving day by day, It is a
wonderful feeling being able to hear sounds that I have not heard in many years.
I want to thank Ruriko from the very depths of my being for teaching such a life changing
course with compassion, integrity and honesty. She is a wonderful and powerful teacher and
mentor, I cannot praise her enough. Ruriko Taylor and the Intuitive Anatomy class has and
did save and totally change my life for the better. I will now have the confidence to go on
and become a healer for others. I highly recommend any class that Ruriko teaches she is a
fantastic teacher

Thank you Ruriko and Creator

Theta Healing Practitioner Gold Coast Australia

Holly Gould