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What if anything possible…?

If anything’s possible what would you like to choose?

There are unlimited possibilities that you can access to. You choose one that is the most possible to create your own world.

When you see the problem is huge issue and busy dealing with it, you won’t be able to see true YOU. You will create your world from issue to issue, and never seen what’s underneath of those dramas. But if you acknowledge you are actually much bigger than in that small reality you created, the issue will disappear. You don’t see it as a issue anymore. When you receive Symphony of Possibilities(SOP) session, that what happened to the people who received the session… however I am honest with you, it doesn’t happen to everyone. Like other techniques or modalities some people received it but some don’t. I had about 80% of people who received SOP session said their consciousness had has changed.

I I took SOP class in Noosa in December last year with Dr. Dain Heer who is a founder of SOP. It was an amazing class and I received a lot of changes during the class. Here’s Dain’s YouTube about Symphony of Possibilities that I would like to share with you.


I have been practicing since and have seen an amazing responses! Some people explain what happened while they were having the session and I was experiencing the same or similar things at the same time. The clients energy is there that I tap into and senses the their walls and barriers that they created in front of them. I acknowledge their space, their universe which has a lot of potency within them. That’s actually really awesome!!!


This is my YouTube of testimonials from my two clients.

I am still offering SOP 45 to 60 min session- $60. This is not a fixed price. When I experience and practice more it will go up so If you are interested in taking some sessions, please contact me before it goes up :)

Thank you for reading the article.




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