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Testimonial from ThetaHealing Basic & Advanced students

We finished Basic and Advanced course a few weeks ago.

I had some great testimonials from my students so that I would like to share on my blog.

Those are from students who took an Advanced course.


Riko made me feel comfortable with the whole process on every level of Theta Healing. She was warm, kind, professional, patient with any questions asked. She answered questions in a clear manner that we could understand. I now have made confidence to be able to Dig to a deeper level in order to understand what a client’s core limiting beliefs are in order to provide a higher level of a healing process.

Thank you, Riko!

I’m looking forward to future courses with you.



I came into the advanced course knowing it would change my life for the better. However, working with Riko has far beyond exceeded my expectations. I never thought if I would be possible to grow and change and become so confident in such a short amount of time. I am eternally grateful for this gift I’ve been given.



I enjoyed those 6 days with amazing students. How lucky I am!

ThetaHealing is an amazing technique that you can use in your life to change anything that is not working for you. You also can let go of the emotions that are not serving you after Digging session. Thoe courses will teach you how to do that and empower yourself to choose whatever you want to have in your life.

Do you want to learn ThetaHealing?

Contact Riko on 0409723357

or send email to

Look forward to hearing from you :)

With gratitude,





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