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Introducing ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Course

I completed ThetaHealing Dig Deeper instructor course in Japan.

The course was held in Tokyo. There were about 70 to 80 people taking the course. Most of them were Japanese but there were probably about 20 people from different countries.

The course was run by Joshua Stibal who is a son of Vianna, the founder of ThetaHealing. Vianna was the teacher for all the instructor courses but this was the first time for Joshua to teach instructor course. His class was different from Vianna’s class off course, but I felt the same kind of warmness, gentleness, and kindness. I like the way he does Digging work. It was very easy to follow and it was very clear and very effective Digging. Some Diggings were quite easy one but some of them were quite complicated. I like Digging work because after Digging, the person who received Digging really feel different. If the Digging was deep enough and effective, the person who received the Digging will feel the change immediately after it. When I did a session for a lady at the class. The person also felt different just after it.

Most of the time, I connect to the future to senses the energy. If something uncomfortable will happen in my future, I sense that energy and feel uncomfortable. I was feeling I didn’t want to go to the class and stayed with my family. Then I knew there will be something very uncomfortable digging that I have to deal with at the class. It’s not bad thing, it just is. I was kind of excited as well as the feeling of I don’t bother going because I knew something big change will happen in my future.

In this course, we had 4 digging sessions with different practitioners. I had great sessions from each one of them. Some of the sessions triggered the other things that I had to work on myself after the session. This course is prerequisite for all the courses after taking Basic and Advanced courses. There are 8 different ways to do Digging session. Some students will say Digging is easy and some students say Digging is difficult after taking Advanced class. I believe they will all know how to dig to the bottom belief and the Digging will be more effective and quick. And I also believe everyone will enjoy Digging after this course :)

I have already requested by a few people in different area to run the Dig Deeper class. I will start on the Gold Coast, then I will go to Newcastle and also go to Brisbane to run it in Japanese. If anyone would like to join the course or would like to request at your area, please contact me on 0409723357.

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