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Your intentions and desires create your reality

Everything’s going well without a plan when you send your intentions and desires to the universe.

I decided to go back to Japan in January. A few month after I booked flight tickets to Japan I noticed that the time we would be in Japan the commonwealth game starts so we could avoid it.
Then I realised that The Dig Deeper course will be held in Japan at the end of our stay so I can enjoy the time with my family and also take the course to update my qualification.
I also realised my return visa was expired when I left Australia. I panicked but the immigration officer told me how to extend my visa by online because it was only a few weeks after it had expired.

Sometimes things don’t go well as you expect even you plan so well. The most of people stress out because of this. If you let go of plan, what do you think will happen? Are you the person always worried about things go wrong? If you are the person, you are sending the universe “Send me something that make me worry!” and the universe will give you what you desire. If you trust the universe that it will send you anything you requested and let go of your worry, you will enjoy what you created every moment.

I’m so grateful for been supported by universe and things are perfectly created in this reality.

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