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Choose something different

I sometimes tell my clients to actively change their habit. The schematics of our brain keep us in the same thought pattern, words and actions. So breaking the pattern, you can consciously choose different things in your life to change the schematics in your brain.

Then practice the new pattern to create your new habit. When you see the view from there, you will notice more things you want to change. So don’t be afraid, just repeat the process to change! When you do this process and changing your environment, you might feel fear, worries, or doubt. Because you start meeting new people, you might lose old connections who weren’t serving you, your life starts changing.

A lot of people then stop this process because of the fear. Fear of change is in one of the biggest fears we all share.

I use ThetaHealing or Access Consciousness to process this transformation in a much easier way. If your brain doesn’t have the schematics connection and already moved on emotionally, you just choose the new actions and new people. Theta or Access can do that. Just deleting the belief and even changing the emotions which attach to it. Those you desire to have in your life just come to you and you don’t have to search for it. What you have to do is just choose your action…

Create easy life with ThetaHealing and Access Consciousness…

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