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Healing and Science

Basic DNA class is almost starting soon!! In this course, you will learn a lot of things. Not just how to use ThetaHealing® technique, but what’s behind the healing. We also talk about healing and science. Dr. Bruce Lipton talk very interesting subject about spirituality and science. He mention about how we perceive create our […]

Train your brain to visualize what you want in your life

A visualization is so important to create your life. Some people who already know the visualization is important for creating their life, do meditation and affirmation or so on. But what you have to know more about this is every single thoughts are links to your creation, not just the time you are meditating. Your […]

Access Bars class on the 10th of August 2017

I was requested to run Access Bars class on the 10th of August. If anyone would like to join this class, please let me know by Wednesday the 9th of August. I have manuals already printed! Venue: inside QHBC, Ground floor, Seabank Building, 12-14 Marine Parade Southport Fee: $300 for first time, $150 for repeat […]

Next ThetaHealing practice on the Gold Coast..Beyond the limitation

How far can you go? We create our reality, with or without knowing what and how. You may know what your limitations are or may not know and unconsciously creating the limitations in your life. Those limitations are serving you in deep subconscious level, these are comfort zone that you might feel secure in this […]