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Enjoy Thethealing world

We finished the Basic class on the last weekend!! The best thing about teaching Thetahealing is that I meet amazing people all the time. They all have their own specialties whether they have done other modalities or haven’t done anything. They have their own purpose to learn thetahealing but one thing I would say they […]

What if anything possible…?

If anything’s possible what would you like to choose? There are unlimited possibilities that you can access to. You choose one that is the most possible to create your own world. When you see the problem is huge issue and busy dealing with it, you won’t be able to see true YOU. You will create […]

New premises in Mermaid Beach, offering 50% OFF!!

I haven’t up dated about my new premises in Mermaid Beach, is re-open in November last year. We had an opening party on the 22nd of November. There are a lot of people came and brought a lot of beautiful flowers :)   I released 50% off voucher to everyone who came to the opening […]

Testimonial for Basic & Advanced Thetahealing

We had Basic & Advanced Thetahealing class in November 2017. It was great to meet some beautiful people and had wonderful time with them. Thank you so much for sharing time with me :) If you would like to book for the session or courses, please contact Riko. Love & gratitude, Riko

Rainbow Children Course

I would like to updated some activities happened last few months. We had a Rainbow Children class in October 2017. It was fun class that we open our psychic, and connect all existences. After the class, I had some great news from some students about their life changes. One of them got a job offer […]

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! If you are a magical being, what would you like to create in 2018?  

Choose something different

I sometimes tell my clients to actively change their habit. The schematics of our brain keep us in the same thought pattern, words and actions. So breaking the pattern, you can consciously choose different things in your life to change the schematics in your brain. Then practice the new pattern to create your new habit. When […]

You are a miracle

A miracle can happen any time, any moment when we allow it to happen. I watch the miracles during the sessions. The trick is I’m not the one healing the body. The person who is receiving the healing, have to be ready to be healed and believe it!! I am a facilitator to watch it […]

Get your mind out of polarity

We are living in the polarity, pull opposite to make the other significant. When you are going through the hardest part of your life, it might be the time you are dealing with the biggest change of your life. You pull the energy of unwanted to find what you really want. You pull the energy […]

Essential touch

There are some researches about how important of touch to humans. I read a book called “Foundation of massage”. This book is for massage students or the massage therapists who just qualified. There are 9 pages explaining about how important of touch to human is and a lot of researches such as how touch affects […]