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Are you victim or perpetrator?

People who were abused, tend to become both victim mind and perpetrator mind.

If you have victim mind, you always attract perpetrators. If you have perpetrator mind, you always blame yourself so you attract people who have a victim mentality.

We all have a bit of this kind of perception to have a relationship with others. But when you are in the victim mindset without recognising for long enough you might create illness. The illness creates “poor me” mindset and getting attention from others. But at the same time, you have a perpetrator mentality to attack yourself. You keep blaming subconsciously what you’ve done wrong. Keep judging yourself. It’s like you have a judge within your brain and keep judging you when you go one side and another. You have the set of subconscious mind that saying “This is the way the world works” so you can’t see the other choice more than these choices of being a victim or being a perpetrator.

Some people probably don’t like what I say. It is hard to admit especially when you are abused. It was painful to experience so you want to avoid it in the conversation but if you acknowledge that then if you really want to change that, you can. That empowers yourself. I believe everyone has the power to change. But you’re the one to believe that you have the power to change. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with you. A lot of people go “oh I was wrong, so I have to change” then that’s exactly what abuse people’s mentality is. There’s nothing wrong with you. Just acknowledge and choose the different.


I would like to know what it feels like to live without blaming anyone including me

I would like to live without complaining about others and my life


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