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Soul Mate

Prepare yourself to manifest your ideal soul mate with the ThetaHealing® Soul Mate course at Riko’s Harmony Room on the Gold Coast.

More soul mates are finding each other than any other time in history. This is because of a change in the electromagnetic pull of the Earth and the spiritual development that we are attaining – we are finally learning to love ourselves!

During our Soul Mate course you will learn to truly love yourself, in order to prepare yourself for the arrival of your true partner. As a couple you will be able to evolve and change together whilst accepting each other for whom and what you are.

During the Soul Mate ThetaHealing® workshop you will learn:

  • How to connect to your inner self through the energy of the Creator
  • What your subconscious beliefs about yourself and your relationships are
  • What is a most compatible soul mate
  • Energetic divorce from a past relationship
  • The monogamy gene
  • The difference between a soul mate and a most compatible soul mate
  • How to attract and manifest your most compatible soul mate
  • How to value yourself, so that others value you

If you are looking for a soul mate, or are in a relationship and would like to know if your partner is your most compatible soul mate, then this workshop is for you.

We have special workshops for practitioners conducted over two days who are certified by THInk. Practitioners will have the opportunity to ‘dig’ and uncover their personal blocks. There will also be the opportunity to receive hundreds of healing downloads to take you a step further to finding your soul mate. The course information will also be useful for working with clients with relationship issues.

$120 deposit, $500 cost

Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: None required

Includes: Soul mate manual

Information night: Free!
Class Dates:1st and 2nd of March 2018.

  • 1st of March for No prerequisite
  • 1st & 2nd of March prerequisite Basic & Advanced DNA