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Rainbow Children

The Rainbow Children course is unlike the rest of the Theta Healing courses.

This course helps you validate and enhance your psychic abilities, intuitive gifts, and connection with all things energetically. “Rainbow Children” refers to the many intuitive and awakened children being born on the Earth at this time. Those children are sensitive and incredibly intuitive that they sometimes struggle to fit in our society. We support young children & young adults to fulfil their potential.

Course Outline

Rainbow Children Course for 27th of October to the 30th of October.

  • Seeing & Reading Auras
  • Understanding and reading Crystals
  • Connecting with ascended Masters
  • Telekinesis (moving objects with the mind)
  • Mind Reading – sending mental images from one person to another
  • Reading Through Playing Cards
  • Crystal Layouts
  • Connecting Power Animals Through Native American Drumming Rituals
  • Crystal Scrying (to see spirits or remote view using a crystal ball)
  • Reading Crystals or Jewellery, and hence doing readings for people through their jewellery
  • Teaching Children how to send Creator’s love and the basics of “belief works” so they can heal each other
  • Empathic reading/Teach them how to read other people’s feeling without taking it
  • unblock their limitation/Teach quantum physics
  • Building confidence
  • Teach how to become Theta state in 10 seconds

Children 7-11yrs old: $500, Young Adult 12-16yrs old: $900, Adult: $200 deposit ($1100 total)

Prerequisites: Basic DNA Course

Class Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm Class Dates:27th of October to the 30th of October 2017