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Healing Workshop

FREE entry with healing sessions available

Thetahealing single 20min $20
(Remove some blockages from your subconsciousness)

Thetahealing mum&child 30min $30
(Talk to your child’s higherself & subconscious work)

Massage 15min $10
(Remedial massage therapist 6-7yrs experience)

Ayurveda 15min $10
(Check your body type to know what kind of foods are good for you)

Energy Work 20min $20
(Align chakra & clear your aura take you a deep relaxed state)

Pastel Art Adult $20 Children(7-13) $10 Children(under 6) $5
(Create your beautiful world with pastel)

Angel Card & Future Reading 15min $15
(Receive a message from Angels)

Reiki 20min $20
(Bring your vibration up!)

Soul Mate Workshop 30min $10
(Finding what beliefs do you have to block receiving true love)

Sound Healing
(cleanse your body, raise your vibration, feel at peace)

Generational Baggage Healing $20 15 min $40 30 min
(Remove Limiting Beliefs, success & happiness blockages)

Thetahealing intro approximately 1pm-1.15pm
Ayurveda intro approximately 1.30pm-1.45pm

*Please book for the sessions prior to your arrival to avoid disappointment!