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Complete an advanced ThetaHealing course in DNA3 with Riko’s Harmony Room on the Gold Coast

Are you already experienced in DNA healing and wish to improve your ability to heal and harness energy on an atomic and molecular level? Our DNA3 course is perfect for you to advance your skills in knowing, understanding and working with energy in a more advanced way than you have with previous courses.

What you will learn

  • How to release resentment at a deeper level to achieve liberation
  • Water exercises (altering the molecular structure)
  • Transforming a person to wellness (in more complexity than previous courses)
  • The natural force field surrounding objects
  • Manifesting your future
  • Spiritual transportation
  • Altering the weather
  • Finding balance and harmony in your element
  • Deep belief work
  • Step out of your own limitations into full awareness
  • Global grid healing
  • Planetary healing


$1200 fee $400 non-refundable deposit

Prerequisites: Basic DNA Courses, Advanced DNA Courses, Inuitive Anatomy, Dig Deeper