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Disease & Disorder

About the course

Searching for new ways to enhance your healing abilities, improving your own health and the health of others around you?

Gaining a deeper understanding of the ways in which disease appears and manifests within the body is essential for any alternative healer hoping to take their healing services and abilities to the next level.

As an alternative healer, understanding the ways in which disease manifests and appears within the body is imperative. The new Disease and Disorders course is all about providing participants with the knowledge and ability to better understand and identify the diseases and illnesses that so often prevent the achievement of optimal health.

Course outline

The course itself is based around the expert knowledge and experience of Vianna Stibal, founder of Theta Healing. Vianna’s insights and illuminating discoveries have helped tens of thousands of people around the world healed disease and illness.

Throughout the duration of the course, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the way the common diseases are created in make up of physical, mental and emotional components of illness and disease.
  • Connect with the knowledge and experience that has helped nearly 50,000 clients around the world.
  • Investigate alternative medicines, herbs and minerals that have been effectively used to assist in the healing process.
  • Clear your individual fears that can limit your ability to improve the health of yourself and your client base.

Whether you’re hoping to discover new ways to tackle disease and illness within your own life, or directly improve the health and lifestyles of the clients you work with, the Disease and Disorders course can help you.

Course dates and price

Course times and dates are soon to be confirmed.

Full course price is $1700, with a deposit option of only $300!

For those hoping to repeat and refresh their knowledge, a full price of only $650.

We are also offering an Early Bird special price of $1500.

$2200 fee $400 non-refundable deposit

Duration: 6th June to 17th of June. (Day off on 4th & 5th June)

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper

Early Bird ends on the 25th of April.