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Animal Healing

With ThetaHealing® for animals, your love can be channelled to help heal animals to remove toxic energy and boost their overall health and well being!

Just like people, animals can have negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that can hold them back from health and happiness. Negative energy can create sickness, physical disease or disorder, destructive emotional behaviour or negative reactions.

This innovative class will help teach you how to better communicate with and heal animals with the use of ThetaHealing®.  We will also practice distance scanning of different animals as well as in person scanning and communication with animals.

Animals are our companions, best friends and part of our family, give your pet the chance to be “heard”, understood and healed in a completely new way! Our close relationship with our animal companions can sometimes mean that they are compassionately taking on our own negative energy, and in such cases both you and your pet can benefit from ThetaHealing®.

During the animal healing course you will learn:

  • How to conduct a reading on an animal
  • What to do when animals don’t heal
  • About wild animals
  • Animal instinct
  • Belief work on animals

1 Day - $120 deposit ($250 total), 2 Days - $150 deposit ($620 total cost)

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced DNA Courses

Includes: Animal Healing manual