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Access Consciousness®

What if you are the infinite being and anything is possible? What would you like to choose to create your life with joy and ease?
Access Bars is such an easy process to clear your limitations. Similar to deleting files in your computer bank which are stored from many life times in a brain. There are 32 ‘bars of energy’ that are constantly running through your head. These electromagnetic components are what hold and shape your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and considerations.
By gently touching theses points of energy on your head, a qualified Access Bars® treatment provider is able to relieve you of certain stresses and anxieties that are caught within. The whole process is incredibly nurturing and relaxing…the worst case scenario is you will have a great massage, the best case scenario your whole life will change.
The more you run the Bars, you will be able to have more space in the brain which will create the peace & calm… no more chatter in the brain!! You will be able to keep calm at any given moment. You consciously choose what you would like to create in your life. You consciously being you, who you truly are.


In this session you will receive:

  • Daily tool to change your own life
  • Finding out the limitation from the mind and change them
  • Perceive different possibilities, different way of thinking
  • Finding what judgments you create in your reality and change it
  • Freedom from other people’s judgment and your own judgment
  • How to be responsible of your life (not others)
  • How to choose every moment and change your life


When I was taking the session, my body shivering and tears in my eyes. My stomach also reacted to it. I was in a deep relaxing state and had a lot of different dreams during the session. When the session was finished I felt my shoulder tension was gone! I was feeling down even I slept a lot and went to yoga, but after the session I felt happier and lighter. I also noticed I can go to very deep theta state while I did meditation at night.
Chiharu Abe

Before I take The Bars class, I was kind of depressed I couldn’t get rid of negative thoughts and my body was so tensed felt like I was psychically attacked. Riko said “keep asking questions” so I did. After the class, I received awareness from universe so I feel much lighter now!!

I took the second Bars session yesterday. I noticed after the Bars session I am more positive and everything are much easier to deal with. Although someone hurt me I don’t keep the negative thoughts in me for long. I also just received answer I wanted for long time! After the session, I keep asking the question to the universe and I get answer super quick!! I’m so excited what will happen next :)
Misato Yamagishi

My left eye which was very hard to see… it’s clear after the Bars session!! I can see better and everything look different when I was walking at the shopping centre. I had head cold but the Bars session helped to stop the running nose and aching joints. If you are interested, you should try it :)
Kanae Kronk

My Access Bars® session was an amazing experience! At the beginning I felt the energy move around my body on a cellular level. Then I drifted into a deep day dream state. I now feel like my body has taken the opportunity to heal itself and feel more supple and lighter. You are a superb therapist!
Steve Rose Consultancy

Access Consciousness

Class Dates

Access Bars 1day class

  • 6th of May 2018

Access Bars Gifting & Receiving

  • 31st of August 5.30pm

Class Fees

Access Bars class

$ 360

Access Bars class "Pre-requisite None" Repeat

$ 180

Access Body Process Class one process (9.30am-1.30pm)

$ 80

Access Body Process Class two process a day(9.30am-5.30pm)

$ 150

Access Energetic Facelift™ 1 Day Class Pre-requisites None

$ 250

Bars Gifting and Receiving 31st of August 2017 ( Swap $15, Receive $80)

$ 15

Session Fees

30 Minutes

$ 60.00

75 Minutes

$ 150.00

Access Energetic Facelift™ session 75min-90min

$ 150

Access bars, access body Process & energetic facelift 3x 75min ($120 x 3)

$ 360

Access bars, access body Process & energetic facelift 5x 75min ($100 x 5)

$ 500

Consultation and home play exercise 15min

$ 45

Symphony of Possibilities session 30mins

$ 80

Symphony of Possibilities session 60mins

$ 150