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Gain the ability to heal yourself and those around you by investing in a ThetaHealing® course at Riko’s Harmony Room on the Gold Coast.

The ThetaHealing® courses we offer are designed to create self-healing through visualisation techniques and energetic healing. By connecting to the energy of the Universe on a deeper level, you can transform your entire experience. Whether you are new to the innovative ThetaHealing® technique, or would like to further your skill set, we can provide a course that can enhance your life.

Free Thetahealing introduction!

The ThetaHealing® courses we offer at Riko’s Harmony room include:

At Riko’s Harmony room we can also offer the following reading material for purchase:

  • ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibel – $24.95
  • Advanced ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibel – $19.95

If you would like to awaken your DNA and perform to your highest potential, ThetaHealing® can help you unlock your true self to gain vitality, happiness and abundance.