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About Us

Our mission is to help students and clients discover that they have their own power or ability to change their life

To help clients to choose the healthy, beautiful and happy life that they deserve

To support students when they are discovering a new pathway in life

We love…

  • Teaching students and learning so many things from teaching
  • Learning and growing spiritually through the Creator
  • Seeing people achieve improved health and happiness
  • To provide a comfortable environment where clients can speak freely and without judgement
  • Seeing people transform physically and spiritually
  • Changing ourselves and strive to always keep improving and learning.

Meet Ruriko Haramiishi:

Now a qualified ThetaHealing® teacher and practitioner, Riko’s spiritual journey began from a very young age.

Her Grandmother played an important role in the development of her appreciation for nature, spiritually and love, and Riko knew from a very early age that she would travel to London and Australia.

In 1992 Riko travelled to London to study make-up, and enjoyed a successful career working with celebrities and high end professionals. Although she enjoyed this line of work, Riko found that she was not 100% satisfied with life, and yearned to discover who she was and what she should be in life.

This realisation put Riko on the path to discovering a greater connection to spirituality and self-awareness by studying yoga, meditation and reflexology. Riko was fortunate to be one of the few to learn from the Chairman of International Federation of Reflexologists (IFR) before the Chairman entered retirement.

In 2003 Riko travelled to Australia to learn remedial massage and then opened Riko’s Harmony Room in 2007. During this time Riko noticed that people with similar conditions experience dramatically different rates of recovery, and this spurred her on to discover why this was happening and how she could heal these people in a more effective way.

In 2010 Riko discovered the solution to this problem – ThetaHealing®. She then incorporated ThetaHealing® into her massage treatments and experienced some amazing results. Since Riko has discovered ThetaHealing® her whole life has changed. Her life is full of happiness and her two children are experiencing a much happier existence.