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What is it?

ThetaHealing® activates and strengthens our connection with the Creator of All That Is by changing the beliefs which limit our ability to do so.

Theta Healing® was founded in 1995 by Naturopath and Intuitive Reader Vianna Stibal as a therapeutic self-help guide to develop the ability to change physically, emotionally and spiritually using energy…

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We have a range of treatments to refresh you physically, emotionally and spiritually…

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About RHR

Welcome to Riko’s Harmony Room located on the Gold Coast, where you can experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing in a comfortable and tranquil environment.

ThetaHealing ® is a visualisation technique that allows us to connect to the energy of the Source of Creation to change our thought patterns and allow our body to heal itself.

By using ThetaHealing® we can transform the relationship between our mind and body to create better health and well-being  This remarkable tool for personal growth can be used to heal phobias, stress and depression, create better relationships with lovers, family and friends, and create abundance, prosperity and success.

ThetaHealing® is a great way to improve every area of your life.

Experience a new outlook on life physically, emotionally and spiritually with a ThetaHealing® treatment, remedial massage or ThetaHealing® Course at Riko’s Harmony Room.